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Making Mobile Go
Skilled developers or entrepreneurs can create mobile websites that are loaded with great features, are professionally designed, easy to navigate, and have lightning fast load times. MobileFirst® brings advanced technology to the masses from what was only available to a select few. Businesses can create their mobile sites at a fraction of the cost of developing a new site. Because we offer single URL technology that was previously only available through boutique design firms, your site gets all the benefits without the costs.

Partners can spend less time and money on developing, and more time creating a new revenue stream for your business. MobileFirst® will change the way people and businesses think of and use their mobile sites. All the technology will maximize their SEO results and provide lightning fast load times.

"We built Moblify to address the need for small businesses to be able to leverage their mobile footprint into tangible returns. Our customers believe we've met and exceeded that promise."

Todd Kolb, Founder & CEO

Meet Our Founder

Todd Kolb is a tech veteran and serial entrepreneur, he experienced firsthand the challenges of developing mobile friendly sites and its impact on business. After struggling to find an affordable online tool for small businesses to leverage their mobile presence, Todd decided to develop a platform to fill the void. The challenge was to get the necessary tools into the hands of small businesses and entrepreneurs that were easy to use, and had all the latest technologies and was affordable. Moblify is the answer.

Todd has roots in the Boston area but has called Seattle his home for the last 20 years. He has a wife and three children, two girls and a boy. His work experience includes sales, sales management, operations, and accounting with Fortune 500 companies, an internationally known public accounting firm, as well as several startups.